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White Blood Cells: Ai! Ai! Ai! Ai! MP3

White Blood Cells (band)

White Blood Cells is a new band out of Vancouver, BC featuring members of Wintermitts, The Ruffled Feathers, occasionally Hot Panda, and many more. The band just released their first single, a song called “Ai! Ai! Ai! Ai!” and it is filled with modern, cheery indie pop.

What began as the solo project of Shane McMillan (Wintermitts) grew to include members of the aforementioned bands. Pictured above (in the debut of the band’s first photo) are (top row, left to right) Charley Wu, Shane McMillan, Brian Healy, Shawn Penner, Aaron Pettigrew, (bottom row, left to right) Tina Tew, Jonny Healy, Gina Loes, Layla Gaib, and Daniel Ruiz. Not a solo project any longer by all means.

“Ai! Ai! Ai! Ai!” is a fun, lovable pop song seemingly about giving in to feelings of adoration for someone else. It’s a homage to new love; a perfect summer pop song!

Keep an eye out for more from White Blood Cells. Rumor has it (from Shane himself) that the band should have an LP ready for us August 14.

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