Young Moon: Feature

Young Moon

Young Moon is San Francisco’s Trevor Montgomery, and his new LP, Navigated Like The Swan is out later this month on Western Vinyl. The press release notes that Swan is “an exceptional record that is a grower.” I can’t argue with that; it certainly is.

Songs like “Walk In White” and single “Wind’s Light” may stump you at first, but after a few listens you get it, even if you might not be able to fully describe them. That’s where I’ve been struggling. Young Moon’s music is excellent. Phenomenal even. But from a reviewer standpoint, I’m stuck.

Apparently inspired by a troubled childhood, the songs within are melancholy, filled with heart and emotion, and border between minimalist pop and synth pop. And that’s about all I can muster description-wise. Instead, I’ll leave you with this: Young Moon is simply a band to be experienced.

Check out “Wind’s Light” below and visit Western Vinyl to pre-order Navigated Like The Swan before the album drops on July 24.

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