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The Boombox Hearts: 100 (The Latest Flame)

The Boombox Hearts

Baby you’re the sweetest waste of time. That’s a recurring line from a brand new track called “100 (The Latest Flame)” off the forthcoming debut LP from The Boombox Hearts. Influenced by 60s pop, the band flirts with the genre a little while adding in noisy guitars.

“100 (The Latest Flame)”, notes vocalist/guitarist Ivan Petersen, is a reference to Elvis. Presley, of course, though Costello has two Flame related references (My Flame Burns Blue and “The Only Flame in Town”).

The Boombox Hearts are from Denmark and their music touches several subgenres of pop, from the tried-and-true indie pop (hence the 60s pop reference) and the noise-pop noted above, to the melancholic, mopey side of lo-fi. You definitely get that impression on “100 (The Latest Flame)”. It’s poised to become your summer I’m a little sad, but still feeling alright pop song.

The band currently has a four-song EP available through Our Little Sisters Records. (I strongly recommend you visit that link and check out “Cover Me”; with the sad vocals and near minimal instrumentation, I hear a Casiotone for the Painfully Alone style influence on this one.)

Grab the new track below, or if you’re so inclined, from The Boombox Hearts’ bandcamp page via the pay-what-you-want model. And, of course, don’t forget to keep an eye and an ear out for their debut LP, which Ivan notes should drop sometime in October or November.

Above photo by Mikkel Møller Jørgensen.

Download: “100 (The Latest Flame)” by The Boombox Hearts
[audio:120627-boombox-hearts-100.mp3|titles=100 (The Latest Flame)|artsits=The Boombox Hearts]

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