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Fense’s Radio Show: June 15, 2012

Broken Bimmer

The Bimmer has been giving me a few issues of late but they’re slowly getting fixed, along with a few odds and ends that have been on the car’s To Do List since I got it. I parked at KSVR on Friday and after cutting the ignition, pulling the key and stepping out of the car, it chugged on for a nearly ten additional seconds. I see a spendy carburetor rebuild in my near future.

The good news is that once that’s tackled, it should be a smooth running (albeit ugly) classic. I popped the hood, poured in a quart of oil (next week’s engine wash should help determine the where and why of the light leak), and took the shot you see above.

Andi and I are now in the market for a truck. Actually, we’ve decided on what my college buddy Ryan calls “…an automotive mullet. Business in front, party in back, and no one is really sure why it exists.” Yep, we’re in the market for an Chevy El Camino or Ford Ranchero.

Here’s the playlist from June 15. I threw in a few older tunes for fun and to round things out. Surprisingly, I’ve already begun the next playlist, which is somewhat unlike me (usually waiting until the last minute and all).

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“Can’t Imagine” by Ormonde off Machine
“A Breath” by Suturee off Skim The Surface

“Future Markets” by Hot Panda off Go Outside
“Crimes” by Seatraffic off Crimes

“Riptide” by Edmund II off Floating Monk
“Waiting For Summer” by Sonnet Cottage off Another Time
“Cowboy” by Bel Air off Spring

“Care of You” by Shannon Stephens off Pull It Together
“‘ol Backbord” by The Moondoggies off Don’t Be A Strangers
“Burn All Yr Bridges” by The Pharmacy off Dig Your Grave

“Elaine’s Song” by OH-OK off OH-OK
“I’m A Monkey” by Dots Will Echo off Drunk is the New Sober / Stupid is the New Dumb

“To Be Content” by The Wild off A Collection
“Arab Spring” by Literature off Arab Spring
“On The Radio” by Mind Spiders off Meltdown

“Apache Figurines” by Joggers off With A Cape And A Cane
“The Girl From The DDR” by The Wedding Present off Vanentina
“Solitary Traveler” by Torche off Harmonicraft

“Hitchhiker” by Baby Monster off City of Lovers EP
“Doubt” by Delphic off Acolyte

“Sense” by Amanda Mair off Sense
“I Just Called to Say Jag Älskar Dig (SAW remix by Nixon)” by Acid House Kings off I Just Called to Say Jag Älskar Dig (SAW remix by Nixon)
“Blue Meanies” by Opossom off Electric Hawaii

“Now That I’ve Given Up Hope, I Feel Much Better” by Shout Out Out Out Out off Spanish Moss And Total Loss

“Off By 50” by Pinback off Autumn Of The Seraphs

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