Br’er: Sea of Doubt (Video)


Edible Onion always has the most unique, crafty cover art. And while I always look forward to receiving little packages by them, I thought I’d take a different approach this time with their long-time artist Br’er. Mind you, this is a band i relate to Jamie Stewart’s Xiu Xiu or Ryland Bouchard’s The Robot Ate Me when it comes to producing a little shock value.

So I was thrilled to see they have a brand new video for their song “Sea Of Doubt” off the recently available LP City Of Ice.

And Br’er doesn’t disappoint. The song is filled with loss and heartache, but true to Br’er, it wouldn’t be right without something a little shocking, disturbing, or uncomfortable packed within. On “Sea Of Doubt” it comes though in the video.

Entirely artistic and filled with metaphor and other figurative comparisons, this video is highly artistic, a bit depressing; it’s also a quite thought-provoking tale of regret.

This little gem was written and directed by Brett Marren, the artist Br’er of course being that of Benjamin Schurr. Check out the video below and let me know if you find it as moving as I do. And don’t forget to visit Edible Onion to grab the full album.

Download: “Sea of Doubt” by Br’er
[audio:120619-brer-sea-of-doubt.mp3|titles=Sea of Doubt|artists=Br’er]

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