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Lioness: Clips The Wings Of Birds (MP3)


Hailing from Toronto, Lioness produces a hefty rock sound with a doom-like, anthemic feel on their new song “Clips The Wings Of Birds”. Vanessa Fischer leads with deep, dark vocals, backed by Ronnie Morris on bass and Jeff Scheven on drums. “Clips The Wings Of Birds” is off Lioness’s debut LP The Golden Killer.

This sound is big. In fact, it’s HUGE. “Clips The WIngs Of Birds” is a dark, heavy jam that was initially reminiscent of tracks like “Intervention” and “My Body Is A Cage” off Arcade Fire’s Neon Bible thanks to all-encompassing and elongated organ notes. Then it morph into something you’d expect from a more recent TV On The Radio.

But it is far beyond these two influences. Surreal, a hint ferociousness, and deliciously evil — Lioness will entrance you.

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