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TEEN: Better (MP3)

Teen (Band)

Formerly of Here We Go Magic, Teeny Lieberson left the band to join her two sisters, Lizzie and Katherine, along with friend Jane Herships and make music under the guise of TEEN. The band’s new LP, titled In Limbo, will drop in August on Carpark Records, and on it you can find “Better”.

“Better” is the first single to be released off In Limbo and its heavy keyboard/synth lines pound out a hefty beat, while Teeny spouts out vocals in a slightly flat, but entirely cool manner. Somewhere electro-new-wave clashes with dream-pop, and TEEN manages to capture the same angle of awkward-ish girl-fronted pop as bands like Twin Sister and Tennis.

Grab “Better” below and watch for In Limbo come August. And hopefully Carpark will give us another taste to Teen in advance of that date.

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