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Cloud Nothings: Attack On Memory

Cloud Nothings

Damn. Why did I wait so long to check out anything off Cloud Nothings‘ new LP, Attack On Memory!? On a whim, I requested The Business in Anacortes hold a copy on vinyl for me after ordering Nat Baldwin’s phenomenal record People Changes. Today I picked up both, and Attack On Memory was the first to hit the record player.

This is how I like it: my first listen completely unfettered by judgement. As of the needle hitting wax, I had yet to read an article about Dylan Baldi’s band or even hear a track. All I had to go on was knowledge of existing hype around Attack On Memory and the term Lo-Fi written on a sticky note on the cover’s wrapping.

Coincidence, then, that I spent the morning listening to bands like Sunny Day Real Estate, Gravel and Mineral? These bands fit the emo genre before it went mainstream, changed completely and gained negative connotation. Cloud Nothings fit this realm almost perfectly; their inspiration drawn straight from these bands.

“No Future / No Past” begins soft, with melodic vocals, a simple but powerful guitar riff, and hefty percussion before swirling into a hailstorm of shoegaze-meets-post rock deafening fuzz.

This is a common trait on songs throughout Attack On Memory. “Our Plan” and “Wasted Days” both capitalize on the trait, leading them to be standouts. Other songs begin with it: “No Sentiment” begins with the craziness before Cloud Nothings pull back slightly to bring on the melody.

On the other end, songs like “Fall In” and “Stay Useless” drop the shoegaze sensibilities for ones that easily fit the early emo sound; a focus on mopey lyrics, poppy melodies, and cathy riffs, all of it loud.

It’s easy to hear why Attack On Memory has received acclaim of late. The album is powerful, extremely good, and highly appealing. In drawing influence from great artists from around the late 90s, they’ve brought back a sound that has truly been missed.

Download: “No Future / No Past” by Cloud Nothings
[audio:120507-cloud-nothings-no-future-no-past.mp3|titles=No Future / No Past|artists=Cloud Nothings]

Cloud Nothings: Attack On Memory

Carpark Records [LP, 2012]

1. Cut You
2. Fall In
3. No Future / No Past
4. No Sentiment
5. Our Plan
6. Separation
7. Stay Useless
8. Wasted Days

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