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Old Bricks: Anthem

Old Bricks

What began as an over-the-phone collaboration between Nashville resident (at the time) Stuart Edwards and Andy Holmes of their mutual hometown of Rocky Mount, NC ultimately became Old Bricks. The story is one of some length, and includes a now non-existant band, a little moving around, and the disillusionment of a self-satisfying local scene.

This dates back pre 2009, before Edwards returned to NC to record his debut EP as Old Bricks. Ultimately he landed in Chapel Hill, Holmes in Raleigh. Farmers, their debut LP, was released shortly after the move.

Now may of 2012, Old Bricks is poised to release City Lights, their sophomore LP. And the last track on that album is “Anthem”.

What strikes me about Old Bricks is the way their music seems to flow through you. “Anthem”, and in fact many tracks found on City Lights, have a continual buzz to them. They’re folk-rock songs, but they have almost shoegaze-style sensibilities.

“Anthem” is perhaps the truest example of this, though as a whole City Lights is sure to please. Check out the track below and keep an eye out for Old Bricks’ new LP, out next Tuesday, May 8 via Grip Tapes.

Download: “Anthem” by Old Bricks
[audio:120501-old-bricks-anthem.mp3|titles=Anthem|artists=Old Bricks]

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