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The Garlands: You Never Notice Me

The Garlands

Big Pink Cake Records is set to release a new single by The Garlands called You Never Notice Me b/w Continue. What immediately struck me upon first listening to the A side track, “You Never Notice me”, is that The Garlands draw influence from select post C86 era indie pop and twee; artists like Tallulah Gosh and Heavenly.

It saddens me that I’m just now checking out The Garlands for the first time. They’ve been around since 2007, when Christin Wolderth and Roger Gunnarsson (Free Loan Investments) joined together to form the band. And since that time, they’ve put out releases on the likes of Cloudberry, Atomic Beat, and Cosy Recordings.

It’s funny; “You Never Notice Me” was among the band’s earliest songs, but is only now getting an official release. It’s solid, much more so than you’d expect from being among a band’s earliest of tunes. However, they’ve likely honed it and polished it over the years.

Head over to Big Pink Cake and keep an eye out for The Garlands’ new single!

(PS: You’ll notice the likes of several like-minded bands over there… The Manhattan Love Suicides, Peru, The Mai 68s, Amida, Tender Trap, The Hi-Life Companion, and many more!)

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