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Like Pioneers: Boggs

Like Pioneers

Like Pioneers return May 22 with a new album on Abandoned Love Records called Oh, Magic. It’s their first new material since 2010’s Piecemeal LP on that label, and it finds the band straying slightly from their previous work in that it’s not as rooted in folk. “Boggs” is the lead single off the LP.

It lacks much of what initially drew me to Like Pioneers. “English Garden” and “Gift From A Holiday” stood out as pop-centric, folk-rock tunes with hints of male/female harmony, and vocal hooks worthy of bands like Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (in their better moments) or even Spoon (at their less angular).

“Boggs” is noticeably Like Pioneers, but progressed. There’s more emphasis on the rock, less on the vocal harmonies (though they do exist, just subtly). Hit the midpoint at about 3 minutes and the band diverts into a bit of a post-rock jam to round out the song. Though it may lack those punchy pop hooks, it’s just as good as anything from Piecemeal.

Grab “Boggs” below and look for Like Pioneers’ Oh, Magic on Abandoned Love come May 22.

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