Mind Spiders: Wait For Us (Video)

Mind Spiders

Mind Spiders are a bit out there, with wild synth-based music that conjoins 60s pop sensibilities with heavy late 70s garage rock. Their video for “Wait For Us” is similarly out there, the premise being “A reclusive man sends a distress beacon to catch his ticket off an abandoned planet”. Featuring a two-minute drone intro by Mark Ryan (who also stars in the band and in the film as “Spaceman 1”) before launching into the song. It’s definitely worth a watch and has a nice little twist toward the end that should not be all that surprising given the synopsis.

“Wait For Us” is off the band’s debut LP, Meltdown, out now on Dirtnap Records. On it, Mind Spiders give nods to Krautrock, post rock, and much more.

Mind Spiders – “Wait for Us” from Jason Reimer on Vimeo.

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