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Naked Gods: No Jams

Naked Gods

The opening 32 seconds of No Jams‘ opening track “Teenage Colony” is more than enough to get you hooked on Naked Gods. It has a light Teenage Fanclub feel to it, but stands distinctly on its own. Wild rock guitars, hook-packed songs, and great vocals; these songs are well constructed and thought-out. And, as I said, No Jams had me from the get-go.

Described as “hapless burly-pop prog-punk,” Naked Gods hail from the Appalachians in North Carolina. No Jams is their second release, and while I am unfamiliar with their debut, word is this one features shorter songs with more pop and less jam — hence the album’s namesake.

Beyond the undoubtably catchy opening track, you’ll find excellence wherever you look. “Yoho” continues where the opener leaves off. “Shaq & Diane” maintains the opener’s level of greatness while adding heavy elements of prog. And “Popsicle Swamp” meshes the two and rounds out the trio of greatness. But heed notice: this album is filled with songs that near the power of these three; it’s one you just have to hear.

No Jams can be found for a limited time on Funny/Not Funny Records. Grab one of 200 copies of the LP before they’re all gone!

Download: Shaq & Diane
[audio:120320-naked-gods-shaq-diane.mp3|titles=Shaq & Diane|artists=Naked Gods]

Download: “Yoho” by Naked Gods
[audio:120320-naked-gods-yoho.mp3|titles=Yoho|artists=Naked Gods]

Funny/Not Funny Records [12″ LP]

1. Teenage Colony
2. Yoho
3. Jeff October
4. Hoods Up
5. Shaq & Diane
6. Psych White
7. Soft Drugs
8. Super Mozart
9. Popsicle Swamp
10. Waggin’ Well

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