Death And Vanilla: Rituals (Video)

Death And Vanilla

I’ve been pretty impressed with what I’ve heard from Death And Vanilla in the past. There was that self-titled EP from a year or so ago, and there was a Beko Records single dating back two. The band is back with a new (also self-titled) LP on Hands in the Dark Records, and it is here you can find “Rituals”.

“Rituals” goes beyond those initial impressions; this is by far a favorite. The band combines their signature experimental-pop meets surreal eeriness sound with video that, well, fits that mold quite nicely. Classic black-and-white footage clashes nicely with looped industrial imagery. It doesn’t make much sense, but it doesn’t have to.

Some housekeeping per the label: “Limited editions of 300 copies in 12-inch yellow coloured vinyls and 150 Digipack CDs co-release with Kalligrammofon (SWE).” Grab a copy before it’s sold out from Hands in the Dark Records (sold out on HITD Recs) Kalligrammofon.

Of course, even if you miss out, you can still give the record a digital spin over at the Death And Vanilla bandcamp page.

Death And Vanilla – Rituals from Death And Vanilla on Vimeo.

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