This Will Destroy You: Black Dunes

This Will Destroy You

“Black Dunes” by This Will Destroy You is a song entirely dark and ghostly. Beginning with subtle sounds, this post-rock meets shoegaze band out of Texas does a great job creating a haunting melody, and their new video for “Black Dunes” capitalizes on their ability to create an eerie song. Malcolm Elijah overlaps black and white footage with surreal results.

A typical song is about three and a half minutes long. It takes that amount of time for “Black Dunes” to build to that ever-so-known post-rock explosion. At over eight minutes in length, This Will Destroy You and Elijah have produced a creepy, atmospheric masterpiece.

“Black Dunes” can be found on This Will Destroy You’s new LP, Tunnel Blanket, out now on Suicide Squeeze.

This Will Destroy You – “Black Dunes” from This Will Destroy You on Vimeo.

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