Capybara (Feature)

I sometimes find the diversity of my own musical tastes a bit bizarre. Just as apt to toss a classic jazz album like Kind of Blue onto the record player, I too have no qualms listening to the loudest of garage rock then switching over to something a bit folky. Especially if it’s fringe folk; artists that pack their folk-pop with instruments, take on an old-timey sound, or even head down an art-folk, freak folk, or experimental folk path.

Capybara finds themselves among the latter in that realm o’ folk. And I can’t help but become entirely intrigued by the sounds they create.

This is not the first time we have covered Capybara. We wrote about their LP, Try Brother, way back at the tail end of 2009. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long.

Back then, it was the diversification of the band’s songs that drew me in; the inclusion of chamber pop and free jazz into songs was too much to resist.

It is no surprise that this is precisely what draws me in yet again. Capybara is back with a new album called Dave Drusky and it clashes folk with other genres in quite the same way that Try Brother did three years ago.

But what astounds me here is that the songs seem a bit more cohesive. The band has found its unique place in the realm of music and it sounds very good. “Late Night Bikes” and “Neighbor Crimes” have great sounds that will undoubtedly peak your interest.

Check both songs out below and keep an eye out for Dave Drusky. The album hits February 7 via The Record Machine (the same label that brought us Cowboy Indian Bear).

Download: “Neighbor Crimes” by Capybara
[audio:120131-capybara-neighbor-crimes.mp3|titles=Neighbor Crimes|artists=Capybara]

Download: “Late Night Bikes” by Capybara
[audio:120131-capybara-late-night-bikes.mp3|titles=Late Night Bikes|artists=Capybara]

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