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Eux Autres: Right Again

Eux Autres

I always get excited when something new by Eux Autres comes across my desk. The ex-Portland, now San Francisco brother-sister duo plus third member Yoshi Nakamoto (The Aislers Set, Still Flyin’) will release a new EP called Sun Is Sunk via Bons Mots Records on February 28. Recorded by Jason Quever (Papercuts), expect Sun Is Sunk to push the boundaries of what you know about Eux Autres.

The Larimer siblings (Heather and Nicholas) have always created highly infectious, French-influenced garage pop, and that continues in “Right Again”. No surprise: “Right Again” has plenty of rough, gritty guitar riffs and choppy, punchy drum licks. Here the band employs harmony vocals in a way entirely new and very intriguing.

“Right Again” will get inside your head and stay there. It’s delightful!

Download: “Right Again” by Eux Autres
[audio:120119-eux-autres-right-again.mp3|titles=Right Again|artists=Eux Autres]

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