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Jack Wilson: Jack Wilson

Jack Wilson

Seattle and Austin are both towns with very distinct personalities, both as cities and through the musicians that reside within. Yet here is one man — Jack Wilson — that flirts with geography, calling both locations home and melding together the two sounds for a style of folk-based americana rock that is entirely captivating.

On his self-titled LP, Jack Wilson bares his innermost self that evokes the wanderer’s deep longing for the beauty of new sunsets, picturesque scenes of nature, and the comfort of being in the wilderness. Of personal nostalgic recounts of memories good and bad. At least, those are the images it conveys to me.

You can hear it in Wilson’s voice, that personal element so endearing in Americana music. “Valhalla”, the first track on Jack Wilson, immediately showcases his ability to weave together lyric and music in ways clever, intricate and intimate. This continues throughout the album.

To be honest, it took me a while to get beyond “Valhalla”. I listened to the song several times over the past week. Beyond that first song, it’s clear: this is an album that splits the two areas quite familiar to Wilson. In Seattle, it’s him with backing band The Wife Stealers and in Austin, he performs his songs stripped down and solo.

This album may have just arrived at my doorstep, but it’s been around a while. Sound on the Sound covered Wilson back in mid-2010 and Austin Sound put together several words on the album a year later. Yet as true with such music, it could have been released a decade earlier, or just yesterday. And as always, it’s definitely worth a listen.

Download: “Valhalla” by Jack Wilson
[audio:120118-jack-wilson-valhalla.mp3|titles=Valhalla|artists=Jack Wilson]

[CD, 2010]

1. Valhalla
2. I’ll Do The Same
3. The Cure
4. Red Feather
5. Clean
6. Black Hills Fiction
7. Dogwood Days
8. Paying For Misery (Thanks To You)
9. The Watchers
10. Fell Inside
11. The Truth

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