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Mike Wexler: Pariah

Mexican Summer is the type of label that when it puts out an album, you give it your full attention. Unfortunately, I’ve been vacant of late. This is tragic, though the good news is that Mike Wexler has brought me back into the Mexican Summer light. A dreamy psychedelic pop sound, filled with chill ambient sounds, borderline haunting with Wexler’s vocal rasp. It makes songs like “Pariah” very cool.

Dispossession is his new album (sophomore release but first on Mexican Summer) and on it you can find “Pariah”. There is no doubt this is one worth hearing; it has all the elements of greatness. A catchy melody, mystical instrumentation, and unique vocals make “Pariah” an instant hit.

Look for Mike Wexler’s Dispossession, out March 6 on Mexican Summer.

Mike Wexler – Pariah by Mexican Summer

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