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Bears: Greater Lakes

Bears Pop Band

Bears are a delectable pop band out of Cleveland, Ohio that blend indie pop sounds with psychedelic instrumentation and the clash between sleepy and mopey vocals. If there’s anything I like, it’s rainy-day pop music, and that’s precisely what this is. Greater Lakes is the band’s new LP — their third at that — and it comes out on Misra Records on Valentine’s Day 2012.

Word is floating around that this is their best album yet, and with a few listens, it’s easy to hear the truth in that statement. It opens strong with “Eleven a.m.” and “You’re Going” and continues to what, in my opinion, is the album’s showstopper: “Don’t Wait”. That song, hovering around the midpoint, is among their most psychedelic influenced tracks yet. And the greatness continues through the end of Greater Lakes.

Longtime fans of Bears will rejoice in this new album, and new fans will likely rush to pick up their previous catalog. Albums like their self-titled and singles like the masterful Who Knows b/w Making Something are all worthy of any pop fan’s collection, but they stand in this album’s shadow; Greater Lakes is an instant classic.

Download: “Eleven a.m.” by Bears
[audio:120111-bears-eleven-am.mp3|titles=Eleven a.m.|artists=Bears]

Bears Greater Lakes Album

Misra Records [CD, 2012]

1. Eleven a.m.
2. You’re Going
3. From Good to Bad
4. More Left Out
5. Don’t Wait
6. The City Still
7. I Don’t Have You On My Mind
8. Perfect Girl
9. Wash My Hands
10. I Can’t Make Things Right
11. Until The Very End

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