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Heywood: Spectacular Violence MP3

Heywood the band

Something dark and immense haunts the pop that Ben Heywood (Summer Darling) masters on his new release Skills for the Long Emergency under the name Heywood. From the depths of a post rock, shoegaze haze, Heywood will just as readily produce mind-melting noise as it will dive into an obscure, dream-like melody.

The former is where we find ourselves at the early moments of “Spectacular Violence”, with a wild guitar riff. But Heywood is not one to stay in once place too long; he demonstrates this quickly as the loud guitars drop to a near bouncy pop melody. For a moment there, I had recolections of All Smiles, but with an affinity for noisy post rock sensibilities.

Check out Skills for the Long Emergency, out now on Velvet Blue Music.

Download: “Spectacular Violence” by Heywood
[audio:111228-heywood-spectacular-violence.mp3|titles=Spectacular Violence|artists=Heywood]

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