Erik Blood (Feature)

Look around the indie music scene in Seattle, and likelihood is that you’ll see the fingerprints of Erik Blood popping up all around. He’s a former member of Turn-Ons, released a superb album a few years back called The Way We Live under his own name, and has built up quite an impressive list of releases in which you can find his name listed under “Producer” (including The Moondoggies, The Lights and Partman Parthorse!). Now we can add Soundtrack to his growing repertoire.

This latest project is listed under his own name, Erik Blood, and was composed and written for a Brazilian film called Center of Gravity. Here’s footage from the film backed by Blood’s song “So Many Things”:

Dreamy shoegaze meets pop in songs like “The Ghost In Our House” and “Or Am I Wrong?” while being backed by subtle instrumental tunes like “Trains Passing” that could be straight from a Michel Gondry film. So yes, as you’d expect from a soundtrack the songs on Music from Center of Gravity are as diverse as can be. Soft tracks backed by hefty electric guitar and percussion as seen on “Wash-Up” and “Shut The Fuck Up”.

You can preorder the album over on Erik Blood’s bandcamp page. Below is a sample from that page of “Or Am I Wrong?”

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