Golden Bloom: Rhyme The Reason (Video)

Shawn Fogel has a light-hearted way of conducting himself that makes his lovable indie-pop songs so damn interesting and enlightening.  And this is probably why FensePost has featured his worked damn near religiously since his inception of the moniker known as Golden Bloom.  With every move the man makes, we are right there behind him.  And the release of his fantastic new video for “Rhyme The Reason” should hold no exception.  Once again, Mr. Fogel performs brilliantly and in a fashion that is not only entertaining, but might make you wonder think a bit about our current state of affairs.  And how its hilarity can be so damn intriguing.

“Rhyme The Reason” is taken from Golden Bloom’s EP, March To The Drums released back in June (of course it’s featured here!) and is now perfectly backed with an amazing visual demonstration.  Famed director and photographer, Alicia J. Rose took on duties of making this lovely tale of a lowly folk singer who becomes magically infused with the ability to, well, straighten yuppies and hate mongers right the hell up!  And once again we are blessed to see Whitest Kids U Know star Timmy Williams playing is most well renowned parts – news reporter, and man in drag.  The combination of great directing, guest stars, well developed story line, and killer tune is one that can only be a recipe for success.  And sure enough, success was achieved.

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