Solander: Flight (Video)


Solander is a Swedish folk-pop trio that creates mystically beautiful songs. Their latest is called “Flight” and it is just as pleasant and sad as the band’s prior work (you can hear tracks dating back to 2009’s “Looking For Gold”, which we raved about, on bandcamp). Solander handed “Flight” over to Iris Piers for a video and the result is ethereal and dream-like with amazing color and fantastic footage.

“Flight” is off Solander’s second album, Passing Mt. Satu, available on Tenderversion. The song repeats the phrase “Everyone on this earth dies alone / And so will we” — sad yes, but you can’t help but feel comforted by the sounds this band creates. A banjo, cello and percussion make up the majority. It’s a sound that you won’t want to miss.

Download: “Flight” by Solander

Solander – Flight from A Tenderversion Recording on Vimeo.

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