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Memoryhouse: The Years EP (Review)

Memoryhouse 3 (2011)

Clarity is an odd thing. Subjective and open to interpretation. There is clarity behind the vocals of Denise Nouvion, contrasting the dream-like nature of Evan Abeele’s compositions. Together they make up Memoryhouse, and next month they will release The Years EP courtesy Sub Pop Records.

The Years EP is a collection of five beautifully produced song, lucid yet evasive of reality. From opening track “Sleep Patterns”, the listener is treated to a hypnotic set of songs that filter life through a translucent haze.

The EP builds from these early moments into “Lately”, a song that samples the mystical melody so beloved in Michel Gondry’s Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and on into a early, subtle beats of “Modern, Normal”. “To The Lighthouse” continues with a chill, laid-back beat courtesy Abeele, while Nouvion adds a melody to match the power in that of “Lately”. Here it climaxes, leaving “Quiet America” for the cool down.

The music of Memoryhouse is soothing; it’s that fresh, perfectly-brewed cup of coffee Agent Cooper enjoys at The Great Northern each morning in Twin Peaks. It’s the moment you awake after a long night’s sleep, perfectly rested on a lazy Sunday morning. It simply makes you feel good.

Download: “Modern, Normal” by Memoryhouse
[audio:110824-memoryhouse-modern-normal.mp3|titles=Modern Normal|artists=Memoryhouse]


Sub Pop [CDEP, 2011]

1. Sleep Patterns
2. Lately
3. Modern, Normal
4. To The Lighthouse
5. Quiet America

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