Stephen Steinbrink: Breath Of Fire (Video)


To my surprise, one of my favorite artists from What The Heck Fest was Stephen Steinbrink. What astonished me was the clean and focused nature of this group’s pop music. And I only caught a single song, which I believe was the peaceful beauty of “Breath Of Fire” or maybe it was “A Set Of Hours”. Both songs can be found below, one in video form and one as a sample MP3.

Stephen Steinbrink’s music is soft and light, simple but with plenty of creative originality. It has the traits you’d typically associate with a lo-fi band but without being overly lo-fi. It is, frankly, incredibly catchy.

“Breath Of Fire” in video form is like Steinbrink’s music: simple and playful. It has a hint of sadness countered with a hint of optimism. It’s happy, but not overly so. It is thoroughly enjoyable.

“Breath Of Fire” is off an older release, but “A Set Of Hours” can be found on last year’s It’s Not Just Kissing.

Download: “A Set Of Hours” by Stephen Steinbrink
[audio:110719-stephen-steinbrink-a-set-of-hours.mp3|titles=A Set Of Hours|artists=Stephen Steinbrink]

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