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Takhoma: Live at What The Heck Fest 2011

Takhoma at What The Heck Fest

We arrived at What The Heck after perusing Shipwreck Day and grabbing some eats at Gere-A-Deli to catch the second half of Takhoma’s set. On stage was Phil Elverum and another fellow I met briefly the day after (Sunday) but failed to get a name. Elverum was on drums and the unnamed guy played guitar and sang.

A few searches on the name Takhoma yield absolutely nothing related to this duo.

What can be found are memories. Memories of immense volume, a post-rock, shoegaze style drone that filled every ounce of the building in which the performance took place. A few literally breathtaking songs and the most memorable performance of this year’s fest was over.

Of course, I didn’t catch many acts this year. But I sure am glad this one made it to that list.

One of these days soon I hope to catch this band again, as the solo project of the unnamed man or as a duo or even more. And hopefully I can scrounge up a little additional info on them to pass to you in the near future.

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