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If you noticed an absence of new material on Monday and Tuesday, there’s a reason for that. I took a little bike ride; something called the STP (otherwise known as the Seattle to Portland Bike Ride). It’s a two-day ride spanning a little over 200 miles. I’m now hooked and plan to do two more large rides before summer ends. So seeing the song title “Let’s Go Ride Bikes” by All The Apparatus was all I needed to check out the band.

The chorus goes like this: Let’s go outside / And go ride bikes on repeat. It’s wonderful!

All The Apparatus is dubbed an avant-garde folk pop band, but with members numbering in the double digits (albeit just), it seems more a collective. Such a sheer quantity would lead one to think of bands like Typhoon and Dark Meat, and All The Apparatus finds an interesting medium somewhere in-between. “Let’s Go Ride Bikes” is fun and playful, while “Portland Rose” has an emotive edge to it.

All The Apparatus fills their sound with multiple vocalists, multiple instruments, and plenty of great songwriting and melodies. Both “Let’s Go Ride Bikes” and “Portland Rose” demonstrate this band’s ability to put together a very cool and very powerful song.

Download: “Let’s Go Ride Bikes” by All The Apparatus
[audio:110715-all-the-apparatus-lets-go-ride-bikes.mp3|titles=Let’s Go Ride Bikes|artists=All The Apparatus]

Download: “Portland Rose” by All The Apparatus
[audio:110715-all-the-apparatus-portland-rose.mp3|titles=Portland Rose|artists=All The Apparatus]

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  1. I bought this record at amazing.bandcamp.com and it hasn’t been off repeat since I got it!! It’s really fun and varied. The songs are so different, it’s more like listening to a radio station that plays your favorite music than listening to one band. There is one or two songs I’m not wild about, but none of them suck. Overall, its pretty amazing!

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