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Gem Club: Breakers (MP3)


Hardly Art is carving a unique niche in the bands they choose to release. While each band has its own distinctive style, three primary types exist. A garage-y pop and punk sound, a folk one, and one most commonly likened to the bedroom. Gem Club fits the last, with beautiful, mystical piano pop. They are the latest to sign to Hardly Art.

“Breakers” is off their forthcoming LP, the follow up to their Acid and Everything EP. Featuring a heavily melodic and moody piano, and fronted by soft vocals (think a non-falsetto, pop-centric version of Bon Iver), Gem Club’s songs are minimalist and masterfully-crafted.

They feature only a hint of percussion — a soft clang here, a triangle there — and an emotive cello. “Breakers” is soft enough to put you to sleep, but it won’t. It will instead put you into a pleasant but emotional dreamlike trance.

Gem Club’s new LP is called Breakers and it is released September 27. Until then, grab the title track below and head over to Gem Club’s bandcamp page to stream Acid and Everything.

Download: “Breakers” by Gem Club
[audio:110705-gem-club-breakers.mp3|titles=Breakers|artists=Gem Club]

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  1. what a really lovely sound. the beginning really got me thinking of slow reader (from austin in the early 2000’s) but it got very heavy very quick. i like! Thanks for sharing.

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