Baby Teardrops: ME Where (Video)


There is no greater feeling that starting completely fresh with a new band, with zero expectations and limited preconceptions on what you are about to hear. That being said, Baby Teardrops are phenomenal!! They bring along that sense of, “Why the hell haven’t I heard of these guys before?” all the while questioning your self worth surrounding what you thought was an identifiable trait to find the finest music around. Chase all of this with the thought that at least you have found them, and now they can be in your heart forever, and you have a wonderful listening experience you won’t soon forget!

The threesome that makes up Baby Teardrops are so publicly different in nature, they create a mesmerizing blend of confusion and difference that molds itself into a melodic take on freak-out, riff-heavy, and beautifully written indie rock. “ME Where” is an amazing song that gives a perfect sample of the band’s debut album X Is For Love. And the corresponding video of this tremendous track, which features the band on cold sidewalks strumming symbolic cardboard cut outs of their instrument of choice, only furthers the already extreme sense of estranged personality that the band has already developed. This time we are simply stimulated visually, as well as audibly.

Peep at the new video, and look out for “Me Where” to be featured in the 2012 feature film Generation Um, featuring the excellent adventurer himself, Keanu Reeves. Baby Teardrop’s debut album, X Is For Love is available now from their website.

Download: “ME Where” by Baby Teardrops

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