Nick Haslett (Feature)


Somewhere between the ancient world and the modern, the glory of folk music has never ceased to roar its intangible through several different forms of plucking and praying. Whether it be old country blues, delta blues rediscovered, west coast interpretation, or just the idea that a singer/songwriter is the one true connection to the times of long ago, to the pains we feel today. And somewhere in Oakland, we find the perfect embodiment of all those things that make folk music so truly wonderful within the words and strumming of Nick Haslett.

Haslett has the voice of an old frontiersman, the mandolin tuning strengths of an old bohemian gypsy, and a songwriting style that belongs on the road through the dust bowls of America to the shores of San Francisco mixed in with the likes of Woody Guthrie and Blind Lemon Jefferson. His melodies and odes are simple, yet fascinatingly heartfelt. Tracks like “Song To A Depressed Friend” or “Sleep” are extremely personal tracks, while the fun and innovative “Doodlin'” sounds like an old Statler Brothers b-side with it’s silliness and downright upbeat tempo. His songs are descriptive at times, metaphorical at others. It is with ease I can say that Nick Haslett is one of the finest undiscovered folk artists of our time.

Listen to “Sleep” below and visit his Reverb Nation page for more.

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