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Fonda: Better Days (MP3)


Strangely enough, Fonda bypassed my attention back in 2003 when they released their last album, Catching Up To The Future. Primary songwriters David Klotz and Emily Cook have been busy with other projects, from screenwriting (Cook) to being music editor of the show Glee (Klotz). They’re back with a new EP. And thanks to the song “Better Days”, they have my attention now.

This band goes back 17 years, so it should be no surprise that their sound spans a wide range of pop. “Better Days” blends soft dream pop with sensibilities common to late 90s twee. Mishmash that with a 60s-style pop and throw in a hint of contemporary pop and the result is a sound entirely enjoyable. Fonda has a style that spans decades, and “Better Days” is perfect proof.

Check out the song below, and pick up the Better Days EP today from bandcamp.

Download: “Better Days” by Fonda
[audio:110622-fonda-better-days.mp3|titles=Better Days|artists=Fonda]

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