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Crystal Swells: Mellow Californian (MP3)


In 2008, the saying was Crystal is the new Black, or thereabouts. Bands seemed to pop up all over the place using that word in their name. Enter Crystal Swells, three years later. That era may have come and passed (along with Wolf and Black and countless others), but following the moniker trend doesn’t mean much in terms of the creation of music. Crystal Swells, like the band’s moniker-contemporaries, proves this.

Of note are three other bands. There is Crystal Anters, a psychedelic noise outfit that creates epic psychedelic soundscapes filled with wild, noisy guitars and shouted vocals. And Crystal Skulls, which dropped electronic into the mix. Crystal Stilts lost the noise and added the garage. This band, Crystal Skulls take a more modern indie approach, hinting of the beach, but one reveling in lo-fi noise pop.

“Mellow Californian” brings forth a monumental surge of noise. Compared to (playing off the band’s name) the normal swell of the ocean, this is a white squall. But it’s insanely catchy, and easy to get into. For the lover of noise pop, this is a no-brainer: it’s infectious, it has a great hook, and it’s perfect for your next basement party.

“Mellow Californian” can be found on the band’s new EP, Goethe Head Soup. Grab it from bandcamp.

Download: “Mellow Californian” by Crystal Swells
[audio:110617-crystal-swells-mellow-californian.mp3|titles=Mellow Californian|artists=Crystal Swells]

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