Night Driving In Small Towns (Double Take)


Damnit. I knew I was going to forget a phenomenal album in my end of year list for 2010. Serial Killer, by Night Driving In Small Towns easily should have cracked the top 20. But they failed to make my list, not because they didn’t deserve it, but because I simply forgot how great it was. Last year I became obsessed with this band, relating them to Headlights. Today, however, hit the speakers and I did a double-take.

When, I asked myself, did I put Jenny Lewis on my iPod!?

Of course, it wasn’t Jenny Lewis (aka Rilo Kiley). It was Night Driving In Small Towns. The song: “Don’t Be Sorry”, or maybe “Barstools”. Could have also been “Sum + Its Parts”. I can’t recall.

The Headlights reference came from songs like “Get Free” and “Serial Killer”, both of which boast male/female vocals. Today’s songs, however, feature primarily vocals from Andrea Rogers and Colby Wright takes a back seat.

It was somewhat of a shocking revelation, the relation to Jenny Lewis. Rogers’ vocals are deep and emotive, with just the right amount of southeast accent to give her a near mid-west (yeah, makes sense, right?) sound.

Download: “Barstool” by Night Driving In Small Towns
[audio:110611-night-driving-in-small-towns-barstool.mp3|titles=Barstool|artists=Night Driving In Small Towns]

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