5 Years Ago Today


Five years ago today, FensePost went live. In that time we have covered a few thousand bands, made some great friends, and heard some outstanding music. The site has come a long way, and I hope we can continue bringing coverage of unknown and little known artists for many years to come.

Do you have a favorite artist we’ve turned you onto? A favorite piece of writing? An album we’ve covered that ultimately became a favorite? Or a video you simply had to watch over and over again?

If so, please do share!

And we’ll chug along, providing some great content for you to read and dropping in links and video embeds for you to enjoy.

Happy 5th Birthday, FensePost!

3 thoughts on “5 Years Ago Today

  1. Your coverage of beko and jigsaw has certainly been a boon to my acquisition of new music. I go through major phases in what I’m listening to (lately, it’s been lots and lots of Fugazi) but more often than not, what I need is exactly what you’re uncovering and it’s just excellent. I feel a really nice personal connection to FensePost and I really hope to see you carry on for many more years. Thanks for everything!


  2. Atlantic Manor! Y La Bamba! Yarn Owl! Ahh, you know what, the listen goes on for miles. Just love being a part of the team!

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