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Eureka Birds: Eureka! EP [Album Review]


“That Mountain Is A Volcano” kicks off Eureka Birds‘ recent EP soft and psychedelic, but the song increases in volume and momentum by the end, with swirling guitars and a hint of lightly subdued feedback. This is precisely what you want from a psychedelic pop song, and this is where Eureka Birds are their best.

They pick up this dominating presence again on “There Was Light” and “Cactus Man”, splitting each with a quieter, softer song. “Sarah (Sits and Cries)” is the most notable of these, featuring a little more orchestration with a prominent organ and accompaniment from a violin.

Eureka! is a fun EP. Loud, soft, it doesn’t matter – Eureka Birds have done an excellent job piecing together a solid, enjoyable sound. It is laid back yet super upbeat, dreamy but very in-the-present.

The Eureka! EP can be found on Eureka Birds’ bandcamp page.

Download: “That Mountain Is A Volcano” by Eureka Birds
[audio:110516-eureka-birds-that-mountain-is-a-volcano.mp3|titles=That Mountain Is A Volcano|artists=Eureka Birds]


[Digital EP, 2010]

1. This Mountain Is A Volcano
2. Sarah (Sits And Cries)
3. There Was Light
4. Sunset On Film
5. Cactus Man
6. We’ll Get By

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