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Brontosaurus: Beware [mp3]


I heard Brontosaurus was a band fans of Black Heart Procession might dig, and after a few listens to their LP Cold Comes to Claim, I’d say that was pretty accurate. The opening track, “Beware” has that epic post rock meets prog rock darkness Black Heart tends to employ, and Brontosaurus make it their own with haunting organs and Califone-style folk vocals. And both Nicholas Kelley and Nicholas Papaleo, the duo behind Brontosaurus, take the lead on those vocals.

I feel this may have gotten off on the wrong foot. Too much relating this band to others. Brontosaurus’s “Beware” can be described as darkly emotive orchestrated folk-pop. The description is a bit lengthy, but it fits – for the most part. It also borders on the experimental.

There are elements of post-rock — the song definitely encapsulates the soft valleys and loud peaks. And there is plenty of prog with more arrangements than the standard verse-chorus progression. But aside from the technicalities, from a subjective standpoint, “Beware” is pretty damn good.

Cold Comes to Claim hits the street June 14.

Download: “Beware” by Brontosaurus

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  1. Love to hear about my son’s band…they really seem to “make great music together”….I am very proud of both of them & their music. Even though I miss him terribly I am so glad that they are doing what they obviously love to do…

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