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Francois Peglau: The Imminent Failure of Francois Peglau [Album Review]


It’s a little difficult to pinpoint the origins of Francois Peglau’s music. It’s pop, but from a cultural standpoint there are a number of influences. The most noticeable being French, you can also hear a little of Peglau’s South American heritage in his music. There’s also a strong hint of his current British home (perhaps inject a light Beatles reference).

Either way, one listen to any of his songs on The Imminent Failure of Francois Peglau and it will become apparent that he is a bit of a traveler, pulling inspiration through pop songs from across the world. It’s the element that makes his music unique; it gives his music character.

Many songs, in particular “God & The Unconscious Want Me Dead” and “We Know We Won’t Make It”, hint of psychedelic pop. You can hear traces of bands like Stereolab and Of Montreal clash mysteriously with masters like The Beatles.

The standouts are “One Minute To Midnight Dream (So Sad)”, “I’ll never be Alain Delon” and “If You Want Their Way Of Life”. All three are undeniably catchy and well-crafted, but it should be no surprise that practically all songs on The Imminent Failure of Francois Peglau fit that description.

Peglau’s album is out now. You can grab it over at Peglau’s bandcamp page.

Download: “One Minute To Midnight Dream (So Sad)” by Francois Peglau
[audio:110510-francois-peglau-one-minute-to-midnight-dream.mp3|titles=One Minute To Midnight Dream (So Sad)|artists=Francois Peglau]

Download: “I’ll Never Be Alain Delon” by Francois Peglau
[audio:110510-francois-peglau-ill-never-be-alain-delon.mp3|titles=I’ll Never Be Alain Delon|artists=Francois Peglau]


[Digital LP, 2011]

1. Who Wants To Go?
2. One Minute To Midnight Dream (So Sad)
3. I’ll Never Be Alain Delon
4. If You Want Their Way Of Life
5. Spring Lover’s Song (Si Tu Quieres)
6. God & The Unconscious Want Me Dead
7. I’m Down
8. We Know We Won’t Make It
9. Everybody Loves Me
10. Sunday’s Ukelele Song

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