Vessels [Feature]


Vessels is a UK-based post-rock outfit whose new LP, Helioscope, can be found on Cuckundoo Records. “The Trap”, enclosed below for sampling purposes, treats the listener to sonic soundscapes with rapid, potent percussion and spacey guitars that find a comfortable compromise somewhere between Mogwai and Battles.

You get this in “Recur” as well, though here the band adds vocals. And that’s what sets Vessels apart.

The percussion is such a dominant part of this band’s music, yet the harmonies in guitar and the elongated vocals in “Recur” make this band unique. Some are calling Helioscope Vessels’ breakout album, while others are listing it as one of the best of 2011. I can see that; there is something special and not-so-rudimentary about this band that demands to be both heard and repeated.

Wild and somewhat chaotic at times, Vessels’ new LP is very, very good.

Download: “Recur” by Vessels

Download: “The Trap” by Vessels
[audio:110502-vessels-the-trap.mp3|titles=The Trap|artists=Vessels]

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