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Conversion Party: Favors [Album Review]


Conversion Party boasts a sound that draws influence from classic indie rock, with squealing post rock guitars backed by clever riffs and fronted by emotive vocals and cunning lyrics. Favors is the band’s new EP, out this past week on Open Kimono. “False Teeth” opens the 4-song EP with those emotive vocals, then we get dosed with multiple vocalists in the anthemic “In The Mountains”. Though these songs are a bit different in style, both are massively good.

The second half of the EP continues in form with “Birds of Paradise Lost”, which sounds straight out of the late 90s. Here a single vocalist takes over, and it’s a different one from the opening track. “Let Us All” closes the EP on a slightly slower note, and this time the band treats us to a lengthy intro with swirling, dreamy rock guitars bordering on shoegaze. It’s not until well after the midpoint that we hear vocals and they’re more an accent part, drowned out by the guitars and drums.

It’s refreshing to hear a band creating four distinctively unique sounds on an EP with as many tracks. Yet these songs all work very well together – despite changing vocalists, the backing instrumentation remains cohesive and consistent. Favors is a mere glimpse into a band four years in the making. Conversion Party has honed their sound, packed with beautiful noise, and it’s adept with intelligence, albeit beer-fueled and a bit feral. There’s pure genius here.

Download: “False Teeth” by Conversion Party
[audio:110423-conversion-party-false-teeth.mp3|titles=False Teeth|artists=Conversion Party]


Open Kimono [CDEP, 2011]

1. False Teeth
2. In The Mountains
3. Birds Of Paradise Lost
4. Let Us All

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