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Howe Gelb: 4 Door Maverick [mp3]


One part a spoken whisper, another a harmonically sung tune, Howe Gelb‘s vocals are near mystical in their folk simplicity. These are vocals that, despite their light playful nature, can send chills down your arms. And, being a master of his trade, Gelb backs his voice with expert performers and well-crafted lyrics. “4 Door Maverick” could be a country song for all it’s talk of the 70’s Ford, but it ends up a flamenco-influenced folk song courtesy a troupe of gypsies.

Yes, that’s right. Gypsies.

On Gelb’s newest solo release, Alegrias, these musicians accompany him through the entire album. They add flamenco guitar, back-up vocals, percussion, and more. And the sound is one you aren’t likely to forget soon. Alegrias is absolutely packed with songs just as powerful as “4 Door Maverick” and a few even more so. For fans of greats like Tom Waits, check out Alegrias on Fire Records come May 10.

Download: “4 Door Maverick” by Howe Gelb
[audio:110420-howe-gelb-4-door-maverick.mp3|titles=4 Door Maverick|artists=Howe Gelb]

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