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Sergius Gregory: Sounds Like People [Album Review]


Somewhere deep in the forests of Homer, Alaska there must be some sort of euphoric yet catastrophic scenery. Knowing that Sergius Gregory recorded his debut album, Sounds Like People, in such desolate conditions actually brings much perspective to the organic and soothing sounds littered throughout the album. There seems to be a mixture of joy and pain that nobody but Sergius could truly explain; it has left a gaping hole in his work that allows us to make personal interpretations based on our own fears and emotions. What a swell gentleman you are Mr. Gregory!

To look for a single on Sounds Like People is absolutely absurd. While certain tracks have a bit more flair than others, this is that sort of album you must sit down, preferably in a resting stature, and really listen to the entire dozen tracks in sequence. Once you have heard the first dozen, you will most definitely yearn for a dozen more. Sergius Gregory is most definitely a craftsman when it comes to the art of creating whimsically and soothing tunes. His music is not only superb, he has a voice that will set your loins on fire!

Sergius Gregory is the first artist to emerge from the recently developed Saint-Loup Records. Yes, this is indeed the label founded by one half of Trespassers William, Anna Lynne Williams. And needless to say, Gregory and Williams make a phenomenal pair. It is obvious to see why Sounds Like People is a perfect debut for a fresh indie label. This is an album that pairs the comforting realm of organic realism with the sometimes chaotic and pressuring fantasies of a perfect existence. Sergius Gregory will most definitely be a contender when the Best of 2011 lists come around.

Listen: “Brain Chemistry” by Sergius Gregory
[audio:110410-sergius-gregory-brain-chemistry.mp3|titles=Brain Chemistry|artists=Sergius Gregory]

Listen: “Dreadfully Sorry” by Sergius Gregory
[audio:110410-sergius-gregory-dreadfully-sorry.mp3|titles=Dreadfully Sorry|artists=Sergius Gregory]


Saint-Loup Records [CD, 2011]

1. All Bricks and Mortar
2. Sticks and Stones
3. Better
4. Brain Chemistry
5. Our Holiday
6. Dreadfully Sorry
7. Human Resources
8. Over
9. Other Plans
10. Push Me Down
11. Caught
12. Could Waste A Fortune

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