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Shedding: Perspective [mp3]


Shedding is Connor Bell, who in Tear in the Sun molds together the elongated drone with sparse vocals. Drone is often associated with minimalism, and that label works here as well, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t also substantial – it is! These songs are filled with sound; headphones on and volume at a modest three, they become all-encompassing.

From the light harmonium opening of “Perspective”, elements are added but never too many at any single point of time. This song is precisely what you can expect from Tear in the Sun. The minimal drone is enhanced by Bell’s vocals, accompanied by dominant harmonium and organ, and drawn together with various electronic sounds. It’s all quite cohesive, and it’s always very mesmerizing.

Tear in the Sun is out now on Hometapes.

Download: “Perspective” by Shedding

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