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The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library: Amylee [mp3]


If Michael J. Epstein is a slightly familiar face, that’s because he’s also the lead man from The Motion Sick. This is the same Epstein with a PhD, teaching Anatomy and Physiology of the Auditory System. And as the name of his new project, The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library, is filled with words, the band is also filled with members — at last count: nine. “Amylee” is a glimpse into this project, as well as its upcoming release, Volume One. The song is easily loved, orchestrated folk-pop that buries itself in your head in the most desirable of ways.

There’s a lot going on (which you’d expect from a band boasting near double-digit numbers). But what’s most impressive about “Amylee” is that with it The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library joins the ranks of some of the indie pop greats — Elf Power, The Essex Green, and other leftovers from the Elephant 6 days. And this is a very, very good thing.

Volume One hits May 10.

Download: “Amylee” by The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library
[audio:110328-michael-j-epstein-amylee.mp3|titles=Amylee|artists=The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library]

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