Helvetia [Feature]


Helvetia return with On The Lam, pumping out several new psychedelic tracks blending pop and rock very much in the style of the Pacific Northwest. The title track is among the more notable tunes on the album, beginning with a simple pop guitar melody, handclaps, and a consistent beat. Like the melody, the vocals are soft and borderline playful, albeit with a hint of emotion. By the end, the song tailspins into a hazy psychedelic swirl, launching straight into the similarly vibrant “Arise Pt. 1”. The latter, however, is dreamier and more experimental.

Both songs are a good sample of what one can expect from Helvetia in On The Lam, and you can grab both for sampling purposes below. The album comes out the middle of next month via The Static Cult Label. Consume it digitally, on CD, or on vinyl.

Download: “On The Lam” by Helvetia
[audio:110324-helvetia-on-the-lam.mp3|titles=On The Lam|artists=Helvetia]

Download: “Arise Pt. 1” by Helvetia
[audio:110324-helvetia-arise-pt-1.mp3|titles=Arise Pt. 1|artists=Helvetia]

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  1. Helvetia has to be one of the most underrated bands of the Northwest. So many great songs in their catalogue. I keep thinking people will take notice. Until then I guess they will remain a secret gem in my iTunes library. So glad to see FensePost give them some love.

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