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Ezra Holbrook: Save Yourself [Album Review]


Ezra Holbrook has that sensational type of voice that just burns within you and melts away all your despair like the lit end of a Camel cigarette. His harrowing Bazan-like words of power, hopelessness, and the eternal fires of love and disenchantment compliments his illustrious pipes. He is almost everything you might expect to hear in some bar filled with the hopelessly hopeless and desperate souls of his home of the great Portlandia. But Save Yourself proves he is also so much more than just another face concreted on the streets of paradise.

Holbrook sings effortlessly to the beloved, yet hesitantly to the damned throughout the track list of Save Yourself. The stand out track, but not necessarily the demonized “single,” “Collidescope” sends a clever bit of omnipresent overflow to those who may find themselves hiding from something too dark to admit. What he tells us on each track may be a bit too personal for us to truly grasp, but this should speak immensely to his powers as being a clever, even witty, songwriter for the new era.

The new year is only just beginning and the recession is (supposedly) nearing an end. So, there is much to be excited about. And as far as independent music is concerned, we can be excited about some of the fascinating sounds coming from the City of Roses. Especially when folks like Ezra Holbrook are leading the pack.

Listen: “Don’t Let Me Sleep In My Shoes” by Ezra Holbrook
[audio:110301-ezra-holbrook-dont-let-me-sleep-in-my-shoes.mp3|titles=Don’t Let Me Sleep In My Shoes|artists=Ezra Holbrook]

Listen: “Wrong, Wrong Eyes” by Ezra Holbrook
[audio:110301-ezra-holbrook-wrong-wrong-eyes.mp3|titles=Wrong Wrong Eyes|artists=Ezra Holbrook]


[CD, 2011]

1. Save Yourself
2. Another Light Off In The Distance
3. Collide-Oscope
4. Heart Off Your Sleave
5. I’ll Tell You Why
6. God Help The Homeless Heart
7. Architect/Archetype
8. Do People Bloom

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