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Lindsay Fuller: The Last Light I See [Album Review]


One of the first lines you will hear on Lindsay Fuller’s beautiful, lyrically-based album The Last Light I See is: but every tale needs a villain so I signed myself up. And it pretty much gets even more awesomely depressing (yet also enlightening) from this point on. This Seattle artist has a style that is somewhere mixed in with the anger of Ani Difranco and the sad storytelling soulfulness of Traci Chapman. But, her stories are way cooler. Though riddled with beautiful piano solos and wonderful strumming, the tales of heartache, dead birds of life, penniless gypsies, and a fear of love that is so strong it leads you to suicide is what really makes this album very captivating.

The Last Light I See can really only be described as a strange and beautiful journey that anyone who still has their soul intact can appreciate. If you are one of the fool’s who sold yourself and your entire embodiment to something or someone with alternate intentions, “Trigger Happy” will not make sense to you. If you have known love for all that it is worth, and all that it isn’t, “Ball and Chain” will touch your heart in the harshest bite of reality that you ever thought possible.

It should not be surprising to learn that this breathtaking singer/songwriter should originally hail from a place like Alabama. Her music blends a bit of Mussel Sholes like bluesy folk with an amped-up attitude; it resembles much of what has come out of the Seattle scene over the last 30 years. And Seattle happens to be her current residence. Coincidence? No.

Much like many of the characters in her storytelling, Fuller seems to become a product of her environment by embracing everything that is special about anywhere she may land — including the darkening horrific sights and sounds of which we are forced to expose ourselves. But she also acknowledges the bright rainbow-lit atmospheres that keep us humble and hoping. No matter what spirit we find Lindsay embracing, we can be confident that she will write a damn good song about it.

Download: “No Shame” by Lindsay Fuller
[audio:110228-lindsay-fuller-no-shame.mp3|titles=No Shame|artists=Lindsay Fuller]

Download: “Ball And Chain” by Lindsay Fuller
[audio:110228-lindsay-fuller-ball-and-chain.mp3|titles=Ball And Chain|artists=Lindsay Fuller]


[CD, 2010]

1. No Shame
2. Big White Lie
3. Of A Town Full Of Dust
4. Trigger Happy
5. Ball and Chain
6. My Sweet One
7. East Grand Exit
8. Beautiful Living
9. If You But Knew

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