Virgin Of The Birds: They Wake [Video]


There’s something about the music Virgin Of The Birds creates that is seemingly timeless. It’s absolute, in the present, yet it hints of a time long past. Perhaps it’s the simplicity of the songs, with poppy guitar melodies and an ever consistent percussion. The songwriting is where complexity dominates; a lyrical prowess filled with story-like mystery. This mystery has dominated the library Virgin Of The Birds has built. And you can hear it thoughout “They Wake”.

So, too, can you see the timeless moments in the video for “They Wake”. Very present (shot in 2004), but hinting of a time even further back in our history. The music, too, possesses an underlying affinity toward ancient cult films of Christopher Lee vampire flicks and the black-and-white Dark Shaddows Gothic soap opera and classic obscure literature. It may or may not be what Virgin Of The Birds artist Jon Rooney is going for, but it works wondrously in his favor.

“They Wake” can be found on Virgin Of The Birds’ new digital EP, Fugitive Works, available for download from Abandoned Love Records under Fugitive Works.

Download: “They Wake” by Virgin Of The Birds
[audio:110201-virgin-of-the-birds-they-wake.mp3|titles=They Wake|artists=Virgin Of The Birds]

Download: “The Queen Of Sweden” by Virgin Of The Birds
[audio:110201-virgin-of-the-birds-the-queen-of-sweden.mp3|titles=The Queen Of Sweden|artists=Virgin Of The Birds]

Virgin of the Birds – “They Wake” from Abandoned Love Records on Vimeo.

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