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Simon Goalpost: Embankment Verse [Album Review]


From the late 80’s until the mid 90’s, the UK was at its pinnacle in the indie-pop punk community. Well, it might not be all historians telling it as such, but just ask those who were knee deep in the midst of the madness and they will surely say it was most definitely so. And a little group known as Thrilled Skinny might have always been name dropped at this time. Therefore, our hero Simon Goalpoast was undoubtedly the frontman behind one of the nation’s coolest acts. And now, for the first time, we have been blessed with a sultry yet sweet collection of beautiful indie pop tracks on Embankment Verse.

Simon Bish (a.k.a. Simon Goalpost) has pieced together a brilliant collection of tracks (30 in all!) taken from his heyday with Thrilled Skinny, as well as fellow pop-punk acts like The Losers and Angry Chair. On Embankment Verse, we finally get to hear all those once discarded 4-track record tapes lying around Simon’s living room over the last two decades. Bish has continually noted that some of the best songs out there, are quick. He proves his theory wonderfully on this track list with one pretty like story after another, some of which are over before you can even brush your teeth.

Lo-fi is awesome. Of course, it takes a certain kind of ears to truly find the beauty in it. When you compare this beautiful no-strings-attached genre of music to the loud experimental monsters out there, it can become a bit confusing. It’s like comparing Fellini to Tarantino in the film industry. Both can be brilliant and very artistic, but remain polar opposites. But, when Simon Bish/Goalpost/Skinny man struts his stuff over simple melodic pop stories, the beauty of lo-fi is entirely clear!

Stream: “Get Away” by Simon Goalpost
[audio:110120-simon-goalpost-get-away.mp3|titles=Get Away|artists=Simon Goalpost]

Stream: “View From This Window” by Simon Goalpost
[audio:110120-simon-goalpost-view-from-this-window.mp3|titles=View From This Window|artists=Simon Goalpost]


1. Embankment Verse
2. Whatever Whatever Wherever
3. You Just Don’t Know Me Really
4. Get Away
5. Let’s Go And Visit Mr. Island
6. Plants For Sale Enquire Within
7. Empty Demijar
8. Worse Thing Happen
9. Cheese Grater Man
10. Trendy Shoe Girl (acoustic version)
11. Towerbloch
12. View From This Window
13. Hanging Rock Climber
14. Trendy Shoe Girl
15. The Sky Is Full Of Aeroplanes
16. Worse Things Happen At Sea
17. Didn’t Mean That Much To Me
18. Common Ground
19. Bottom Of The Stairs
20. Saw You At The Station
21. An Angry Chair
22. Let’s Go Down To The Allotment
23. Off Shopping Trolley
24. Whatever The Weather
25. Don’t Try To Make It On Your Own
26. One Man And A Lawn Mower Went To Mow A Field
27. Let’s Go Down To The Allotment (different version)
28. Then Suddenly
29. Backwards Garden
30. Embankment Verse (different version)

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