Foxes In Fiction [Feature]


Foxes In Fiction comes to us from Toronto, and their dreamy sounds can be likened to the projects of Bradford Cox and a drug-induced stupor. In fact, the song “15 Ativan” is said to have been written for front-man Warren Hildebrand’s friend, who overdosed on said drug. Their calming soundscapes and meditative melodies are soothing, floating just beyond lucidity. Another prime example of this is “Bathurst”, a song ripe with atmospheric, catchy vocal harmonies.

Below is the alternate version of “15 Atvian” as well as “Bathurst”, both of which can be found on Foxes In Fiction’s seven-song EP Alberto. Head over to the Foxes In Fiction website for a download of the full EP.

Download: “15 Atvian” by Foxes In Fiction
[audio:110112-foxes-in-fiction-15-ativan.mp3|titles=15 Atvian|artists=Foxes In Fiction]

Download: “Bathurst” by Foxes In Fiction
[audio:110112-foxes-in-fiction-bathurst.mp3|titles=Bathurst|artists=Foxes In Fiction]

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